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Sometimes you need to go back a bit…

Although I was pleased with my first attempt at veneering, the final finish was too dark.

I’d put an oak tint onto the veneer, which was fine. But then I used another product by the same manufacturer which was an ‘oak-coloured’ wax. But it left the finish far too dark.

So I sanded it down with some steel wool (coarse at first, then 0000), and removed it.

Then I added a few coats of clear wax, buffing in-between, and using 0000 steel wool before the final (for now) buff. I’ll probably coat it again in a few days or a week or so.

I’m much happier with it now.

And yesterday, I bought my first router (woodworking router, not wifi!) and various ‘bits’ and bobs. I’m going to enjoy this new hobby – I’ve got quite a few projects in mind.

Here’s a few photos of the old (darker) finish and the new finish. I’ve also updated the gallery on my last post to show it too.

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