A C90 blast from the past

Ok, so I’ve been carrying a mix-tape around for around 25 years without playing it (when I say carrying it around, I don’t mean constantly with me – but from house to house…).

One side was the debut Stone Roses album, the other was just titled ‘Various 2’… I knew a few of the songs on it – REM for instance – but what would the others be?…

I finally got hold of a tape recorder today and played it. The sound quality was dreadful but the music and the memories…

Here’s the track listing written live as I listened.

First up…

Guns and Roses – Sweet Child of Mine. I’d totally forgotten that was on the tape. Sadly ironic, and a bit bizarre – it’s my last girlfriend’s favourite song and her phone ringtone… Although she was about 9 when it came out!

The Doors – LA Woman. Also ironic as it was one of the favourite songs of the woman I was madly in love with when I made this tape…

REM – Orange Crush (I KNEW this was next, but there was a huge tantalising gap before it started! Shoddy editing 😉 )

Stone Roses – “I told Sally I was never happy…” – Yep, it’s Sally Cinnamon

Fleetwood Mac – Shake Your Moneymaker (The *real* Fleetwood Mac of course – not that I don’t adore some of their later work – especially Rumours)

Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil – now this takes me back to Monday night at The Ritz. What was it? A pound in and a free bottle? Could have a good night out for a fiver if you walked home. Which I did. Often. Oh God, and I’ve just had a memory of a drunken roll around the car park next to the Ritz (now flats) with a stranger on my 18th birthday. No idea who she was. But she was obviously as pissed as I was!

T-Rex – Get It On. Combine the riff of this with the influence of the Stone Roses and hey, look, a few years later its Oasis with Cigarettes and Alcohol 😉 Of course back when this tape was made Noel was probably still lugging amps around for The Inspiral Carpets. I wonder if the Inspirals are going to pop up on this mix soon…

The Stranglers – No More Heroes. Getting a bit more up to date (only just over 10 years old when I made the tape!)

The Beatles – Whoops, slipped back to the 60s. Magical Mystery Tour. Odd choice, I don’t really ever remember this being a favourite of mine but I guess it was. Good song though but I’d have picked something else now. I thought Hello, Goodbye might be on it (a certain someone knows why!)

Ooo, I don’t recognise the start of this… Hendrix?… Hmm… taking its time… Oh no, the drums sound more modern. Like the Roses again but … Ah yes, it is – Elephant Stone!

Aha, Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side, this has to be the final track on the tape. For a start it’s a C90 and there’s been a fair few songs so far (The Stone Roses album cut off on the other side!). But also this was a song that me and an old friend used to request as the last song on Friday night’s at Lazy Lil’s/De Villes (I forget which side of the venue was which, the one without the bucking broncho). So if you used to go there around this time and hated the fact that the DJ played this to end the night a lot, it was my fault – sorry!

And yep, within 3 seconds of the end of the song, the tape stopped! Good timing at last!

Ok, so what does that tape say about the 18-year-old me? Well… a good mix of songs (60s, 70s, 80s). Theres no song on there that embarrasses me, so that’s good. I should have a few other compilations somewhere but not with me. Maybe at my mum’s?

Actually, speaking of Lazy Lil’s and De Villes… There’s a Facebook group about it. A few years ago I found this picture posted by Sally Anne Hill (thanks Sally)… Oh God. I’m 99% sure that’s me. In the purple (paisley I think?) shirt. beads, a terrible attempt at a goatee and a black cap that had done the rounds between a few people! Stood at the bar, waiting to get served (where else would I be?) 😉

To quote Richard Hawley "The clothes in my younger days were so wild"...

To quote Richard Hawley “The clothes in my younger days were so wild”…

I said I’d be honest in this blog, but posting this picture is stretching it … Ah well… 😉

Well, I really enjoyed that – a wonderful blast from the past! Do you have any old mix tapes lying around? Dig them out and get them on!

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