I was wrong about subwoofers…

Ok. I was wrong.

Having dissed subwoofers recently I decided to give one a try on my hi-fi.

I’ve got quite a few pairs of speakers – some in use for home cinema, some not in use at the moment – but my favourites are an old pair of 1970’s B&W DM5s. They simply sound so much better than anything else I have (including KEFs, Celestion, Tannoy etc – mainly floorstanders).

But the DM5s are stand-mounted and the frequency response is only 100hz to 20khz, so there’s a lot of bass lacking. Incidentally I did a frequency test today and it seems my ears drop off just under 14k at the moment – and of course that will only get worse with age 🙁 Still, at least my hearing is good for my age.

So I’ve connected the subwoofer to my main amp via the high-level outputs (the same that are driving the main speakers). The amp is 2 channel and doesn’t have any support for low-level output.

It’s going to need some tweaking obviously, but after just a bit of playing around it sounds much better already. I’m just not too happy about leaving the sub powered all the time, and it’s fiddly to turn it off and on at the back, and I know I often forget to turn it on.

Of course, now that’s just something else to look at improving in time  – a better sub – mine is very basic precisely because I didn’t care about them. I should have a clear out of gear I guess and get something decent.

See –  people say I can’t admit when I’m wrong?.. *

* Yeah, ok, it is easier when it’s in my favour of course 😉

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