Craig Ferguson on alcoholism and shaming

Craig Ferguson has pretty much passed me by. I’ve heard of him, obviously, but unlike some other American TV hosts, I’ve never watched him. Looks like that’s my loss. I didn’t even know he was Scottish.

I happened to come across this video earlier via

It’s from 2010, when Britney Spears was at a low point. It’s a brutally honest mea culpa about how easy it is to take the piss out of people without realising the consequences.

He was 15 years sober at this stage. I love his line about the fact he doesn’t have a drink problem but could get one very quickly 😉

It’s twelve and a half minutes long. I could have watched him talk all day.

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One Comment

  1. kidstardust

    10th July 2015 at 9:55 pm

    I like this a lot.


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