First 5k run done (and sex…)

I’ve just done my first 5k run!

I’ve been doing the C25K system (couch to 5km) and I’m actually on week 7 – week 8 ends with the 5k.

The only flaw with the app is it’s based on time (which increases over the weeks), not distance. So at the speed I’ve been running, my last run was about 4.2km.

But stopping at 4.2km felt wrong. I could easily go on. Why stop?

It felt like stopping during sex just before climax for no good reason (actually, now I write that I imagine there’s a fair few woman who can sympathise with the analogy…)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, so stopping at 4.2km just seemed silly. And running another week just to get to the 5k… why?

I’ve been using my elliptical when I’ve not been running, so I feel fit enough.

So tonight I decided to up my pace and use Runkeeper and do the full 5k.

I managed to keep each 1km split below 5 min, and ended up with 24:48. Quite happy with that for my first 5k and especially considering I’m now 44 and 8 weeks ago couldn’t run to save my life. And plenty to aim for to improve my time.

Now I need to try to get to sleep. I’ve been home about an hour and still buzzing… Night x


Ok, I admit, I’m not one for reading manuals. Never have been.

I realised last night I’ve been programming and using computers for way over 30 years now. And I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve really read manuals (I vividly remember the excitement of reading the manual for The Quill – a text adventure game creator, and the HUGE stack of books that came with the very reasonably-priced Borland C/C++ compiler).

I’ve just finished day 3 of #C25K. Loved it. For a start, I had a better playlist on, which helped.

Then I got home to see that tomorrow is Day 1 of Week 2…


It turns out I should have been running every other day to give my muscles time to recover.


Still, I seem to have survived but maybe I should take tomorrow off and then go to the every other day system. And maybe I should read the f’ing manual.


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Day two – done

Don’t worry, I’m not going to keep a running update (no pun intended) on my blog, but I’ve just finished day 2 of #C25K (couch to 5k – sorry, forgot to mention what it stood for yesterday).

Today’s run was much easier. Even to the point that when I got in and sat down for a drink, I wished it had been a bit harder. But I know that’ll come in time and I need to stick to doing what the app says whilst I get fitter.

My new running shoes certainly made a big difference. Not quite sure if it’s better to say it’s like running on air or running on springs (big difference I know but…). The are so comfortable it’s incredible. Not going to win any prizes for fashion but that’s not the point is it.

And my new running top and shorts were much better to run in too and, after a few seconds, I forgot I was running in skin tight shorts with no underwear and looked like a total prick (again, no pun intended).

And, like yesterday, apart from cars going past, I didn’t see a single person. Thankfully!

Onwards and upwards.