TV or no TV… that is the question

My TV is in the UK and I’m in Spain. This is a problem.

I keep meaning to ship it over, along with lots of other goodies vital objects (especially my hi-fi equipment which I’ll write about again – God, I miss my vinyl).

But I might be moving house soon and it’s a lot of extra stuff to move, so I’ve been holding off until I know what I’m doing.

For the last several months I’ve been using my macbook to watch Netflix etc and – very rarely actually – my UK TV (which is BT Openview in the UK, sent over here using a Slingbox).

This works fine apart from the fact it ties up my screen and stops me ‘working’ at the same time.

As well as my work during the day, there are lots of things I need to do that aren’t particularly challenging – the sort of thing I can easily do outside of normal working hours whilst half-watching something on TV.

Last night I nearly cracked and bought a new TV.

My UK TV is a decent Panasonic 42″ plasma. The screen is superb – the blacks, like most plasmas, are incredible. It’s from 2011, so the smart TV functions are poor but I have more than enough alternative options. Combined with my A/V receiver and speakers (also in the UK…), it’s a great system. A lot better than a 13″ macbook screen!

But it’s not here…

My thought process started innocently enough yesterday when I saw a second-hand 19″ LCD for 50 euro on a local ‘buy/sell’ web site. I called the seller but I was too late, it had already gone.

But by then the thought was in my head. I wanted – no, I needed – a TV. This wasn’t a personal decision for my own pleasure you understand, it was a business decision. I’d do more work at night if I had one…

I quickly progressed to the idea of getting a new 32″ for now, and when I do get my plasma over, I could move the 32″ to the bedroom or something…

But… well, one thing leads to another. For just a bit more… but this one has… oh, look…

I ended the evening at the shops looking at 49″ TVs for around 600 euro… (Give me some credit – at least I managed to totally ignore the 4k and curved screens…)

As a comparison, it would cost about 300 or 350 euro to ship over my TV and all my other stuff – but it would take weeks and I’m back to the problem of having to move it all again when I move house… And then I have no TV in the UK…

Somehow I managed to leave empty-handed. I drove home with very mixed emotions. Partly proud of myself for resisting (rare, very rare). Partly pissed off that I still had no TV.

The long and cold (no, really) Spanish winter nights are passing now though, and it’ll soon be summer again. That means the end of sitting by the log fire watching TV, and a move to sitting outside all evening listening to music.

But I still have the feeling I’ll be going through the same emotions today and over the weekend too… Somebody please stop me –  or, better still, give me permission to get one!