Nothing much to say… but I’ll say it anyway

I’ve not written for a few weeks. I’ve just been really busy, and not too well.

So, a bit of a catch up.

In the already narcissistic world of personal blogs, I’m afraid this is pretty much as bad as it gets. I’ll try to make it a one-off!

Nothing much of interest to say – just what I’ve been up to.

Eva, our General Manager, came to the end of her two-month notice on Friday and stopped working with us. It’s been a pleasure working with her for the last 3 years or so. We’ve appointed a new General Manager and I’m really looking forward to working with him.

I’m also working on a new warehouse system which has to be tested and in place before Christmas. Last year was very hard work for everyone – orders go crazy at Christmas – and the new system should make life much easier for everyone. Really enjoying the programming.

But I’m still sleeping badly. I finally went to the doctors, got the all clear on my blood tests and chest x-rays (nice to be given a clean bill of health), so it’s probably sleep apnea. I’ve got a hospital appointment with the sleep clinic in October. Fingers crossed I can get it fixed.

Actually, on a much more serious note an old friend added me on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Lovely woman. I’ve not spoken to her for years but she sent me a wonderful card about my Dad when he died 6 years ago or so.

Anyway, it was great to hear from her – apart from the news she has terminal lung cancer. She’s only a few years older than me. It goes back to what I was saying recently. Life’s short, and sometimes shorter than expected… Thankfully, she has a great attitude about it, but obviously it’s still shit news.

Part of my tests included a chest x-ray and I heard about my friend’s cancer a day or two before getting my results. I felt bad telling her about it but she was obviously happy I had the all clear.

Cancer fucking sucks.

Bugger. I’d briefly forgotten about that when I started writing this and now anything else just seems to pale into insignificance but I guess I should finish…

I bought a FitBit Charge HR which not only monitors my running, but also my sleep (and it shows me just how bad it is – like I really needed to know!)

I’m running a few times a week. Following the C25K regime. I’m on week 7 now and over-achieving slightly. My last run was 4.2k, slightly more than it should have been. I could have carried on to the 5k easily I think.

Not sure whether to complete the full training or just go for it? I feel like I’m being held back from the 5k goal but… I’m not sure…

Yesterday I bought a second-hand crosstrainer. It was only 40 euro and is surprisingly well made considering the cost. About the same cost as a few pairs of running socks so couldn’t really go wrong even if it was rubbish.

I set it up today and had my first workout. 30 minutes. Very enjoyable with some good music on. Worked up a good sweat. I think it’ll be a good complement to the running.

Oh, and I’m bored to death with dating sites. Same old faces. Or new ones that aren’t remotely interesting (If I see one more ‘Carpe Diem’ I might just seize them by the throat – never mind seize the day… No, obviously, I wouldn’t ever seize anyone by the throat… well, maybe if they said Carpe Diem AND had a photo of themselves with a silly hat on or something….)

I’m half-tempted to come off them but realistically it’s still the most likely place to meet someone. And despite some lovely nights out recently with friends, I do want to – and am ready – to meet someone.

I did get a nice email from the woman I mentioned a couple of posts back – thanking me for the post and telling me it put a new smile on her face, which was lovely – but still no date… 🙁

So, that’s about it. As I said, sorry it’s just a ‘what I did on my holiday’ type post, but I’ve just been really busy and too tired to write anything vaguely interesting 😉

Although, I am glad to see Corbyn elected and the Labour Party back as a real opposition to the tories. But there’s enough people writing good in-depth articles about that. Will I rejoin the party? I’m not sure. But at least the UK now has an opposition with opposite views to the government – the first time that can be said for many years.

Hope you’re all well x